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For Clients

     There are generally two (2) situations where an individual client would utilize the services of QDRO Virginia, PLC.  The first situation involves the retention of Ms. Shaner’s services to work directly with his/her divorce attorney in the division of the parties’ retirement plan assets.  In this situation, the services provided to the individual client would involve most, if not all, of the services that are described in the section entitled “QDRO Virginia, PLC, Company Overview – Services Provided to Attorneys.”

     The second situation involves the retention of Ms. Shaner’s services by an individual client to prepare the appropriate retirement plan order(s) after a property settlement agreement has been entered into or a decision has been rendered by a trial court.  In these situations, the additional services provided by QDRO Virginia, PLC, would include the following:

     Explanation of the Process to the Client:
  It is essential for an individual client to understand the process of preparing any necessary retirement plan order(s), as well as the procedures that are applicable from the time the retirement plan order(s) is entered by the court through the approval process by the appropriate plan administrator.

     Analysis of the Strengths and Weakness of Case:  Because Virginia law generally requires that the terms and provisions of the retirement plan order must match the terms and provisions of a property settlement agreement or final decree of divorce, the strengths and weakness of any retirement plan order(s) to be prepared on behalf of a client must be completely explained to individual clients.