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Services Provided

     The services provided by QDRO Virginia, PLC, are dependent on the complexity of the terms and provisions of a property settlement agreement or decision by a trial court. In addition, the terms and provisions of particular retirement plan must be complied with in order to be successfully approved by plan administrators. Therefore, it is important for either attorneys or individual clients to retain a Virginia licensed attorney to ensure that the process of the division of retirement plans is satisfactorily handled.

     There are many online sites that purport to prepare your retirement order(s). However, these online sites generally are operated by legal assistants who are not licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Each state has its own statutes involving the division of retirement benefits in divorce. In Virginia, the equitable distribution of retirement plans is governed by Virginia’s equitable distribution statute, § 20-107.3(G) of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended.  Equally important as the knowledge of the provisions of § 20-107.3(G) of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended, is having a licensed Virginia attorney who specializes in both the statute and Virginia’s case law interpreting the Virginia statute, as well as the applicable federal law applicable to retirement plans.

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