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       With more than 20 years of experience, Leslie A. Shaner, Esquire is recognized as one of Virginia's most knowledgeable and skillful family law attorneys regarding the division of retirement benefits in divorce. Ms. Shaner is the author of Divorce in the Golden Years, published by the American Bar Association in 2010. Divorce in the Golden Years is a national legal treatise and serves as a guide for attorneys dealing with divorcing clients who are Baby Boomers. The treatise focuses on estate planning, spousal support, and retirement issues for divorce clients in this age group. Ms. Shaner is a frequent speaker at legal seminars on topics dealing with divorce, the division of retirement benefits in divorce, and elder law.

      QDRO Virginia, PLC was created to serve as a resource for domestic relations attorneys, as well as individual clients, when retirement assets are to be divided. The negotiation and preparation of retirement orders is a complex undertaking with accompanying stress and risk. The risk of making an error can be costly to clients and can lead to malpractice claims.  Ms. Shaner is highly regarded for her professionalism and knowledge of the law and has established QDRO Virginia, PLC, to help attorneys and clients with the complex issues regarding family law. For a more complete description of the services Ms. Shaner can provide please refer to the Services Provided tab.

Mission Statement
       The mission of QDRO Virginia, PLC is to provide divorce clients and their attorneys with a level of expertise in the division of their retirement plans that complies with both federal and state laws in a cost-effective and efficient manner to ensure that all parties' interests are thoroughly analyzed and divided in a manner that is consistent with the client's expectations.

 Let me take the stress of the division of          
 retirement benefits in divorce cases off of you.